Welcome to With help from the voices of Inuk and his many human and animal companions, this site invites your kids to travel further into the magical universe of their new friend.

Created with 4 to 7 year-olds specifically in mind, is a uniquely immersive narrative environment ready to fascinate and stimulate your children’s curiosity and imagination, as they are invited into Inuk’s world to play. All the games and educational activities on the site are designed to emphasize the positive, universal values driving the series, such as cooperation and the peaceful resolution of problems.

NAVIGATION is composed of “webisodes,” or interactive versions of certain episodes from the first two seasons of Inuk. By entering the worlds of the Village, the Bay, or the Beach, your child encounters many different characters, each with many interesting suggestions for games and activities.

To navigate the site, your child uses the mouse to move a magic mitten into one of many dynamic environments, each one representing part of Inuk’s world. Once your child has fully explored the environment and completed the “webisode,” he or she can sing a song with Inuk, or return to the Village, Bay or Beach for more fun activities.